Saturday, March 14, 2009

Valentines day

Valentines day is just 2 days before our anniversary, so this week we are very focused on love and each other. Valentines day this year ended up being on a Saturday, which is great for most people but since tauren works weekend, it posed a challenge to our celebrations. What we ended up doing was that we had a romantic home made dinner. I made one of our favorite casseroles and we exchanged gifts we had for each other. He got me a teddy bear (i love and collect them), flowers which were beautiful, and chocolates yummy, is my man awesome or what? I made him his gift, it was a candy gram, i remember making and receiving them when i was little and i think they are so neat, anyway i think it turned out perfect, and he liked it. The candy gram said:

To my big hunk,
You will always be my Bit-o-honey that makes me snickers and have butterfingers. You are so Kissable and are worth more to me than 100 grand. I would go all the way to mars just to be with you. There are more stars in my eyes for you than in the milkyway.
Huggs and kisses
Your sweetart

It was simple and heartfelt and a beautiful valentines day for the both of us.

First Anniversary Blog

Our first anniversary in my opinion was awesome. We didn't do anything huge, but it was just spent time together. We went out to macaroni grill, which is so yummy! We got each other gifts, he got me an absolutely gorgeous water globe from things remembered, it was an anniversary one and he got it engraved.I got him a picture from that we like the was from things remembered as well that i got engraved with "happy anniversary" on it. Also as part of my gift for him we are getting our picture taken by his talented sister, Sarah, which is perfect. We are still so in love and so excited to see our lives unfold.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008